Tips for furniture care


Whether it is your dream house that you bought off braving the circumstances or moved into a newly rented space, it is your home- A four-lettered word that should reflect your haven, replete with comfort and belongingness.

You have faced the odds and gotten yourself in this space. Call it adrenaline or necessity, you have splurged on uplifting the interiors and getting not just the choicest but also the most value-for-money furniture products.

We do understand how important your bed is to you, or the desk that you so long for working from home. We understand that even wooden chairs need to be maintained, and so do the carpets and rugs as they form a quintessential part of the home interiors.

From us at BeanBag Furniture, we present to you some tips that we think might be helpful in preserving your much-loved products.

Tip 1: Leather Care

For a lot of us, leather stands for luxury. Now, that doesn’t always mean that you have to go overboard and burn a hole in your pocket. There’s quite an affordable-yet-trendy array of products available when it comes to leather.

The easiest way we’d say would be to vacuum clean. Ensure that the pressure of the suction isn’t too strong as that might damage the goods. Alternatively, you can use a microfibre cloth, damp it a little and wipe the furniture clean.

It’s not uncommon to see stains on your favourite corner of the sofa. These can be removed using concentrations in the right amount- Baking soda, white vinegar or spirit alongside water.

Tip 2: Fabric Care

It isn’t old-school to say that even millennials these days opt for dark-coloured furniture pieces as they fear permanent stains or marks. This doesn’t mean that your desires should take a backseat- You can always go for minimalist, mix-n-match, darker hues and all the tones and shades you’d like. The best way is to dust the fabrics with a brush or a cloth on a daily basis or every other day.

Tip 3: Plastic/ aluminimum care

Let’s just put it straight, implementing the use of plastic or aluminium isn’t completely out of fashion. Legends have suggested to apply a good coating of lacquer or wax. It’s also suggested to avoid your furniture getting exposed to strong radiant rays of the sun for we wouldn’t want them to go through any loss.

Some simple tips:

If you have got a beanbag, we would say that you have got most of your needs covered- Not because we deal in beanbags but given the advantages of having a bean bag chair, you wouldn’t really have to worry much about its maintenance.

However, some common tips that might also be aesthetically pleasing would be to place coasters underneath your hot cup of tea or coffee, or to have runners and mats on the dining table so that the warmth of the vessels doesn’t affect the material underneath.

Cleaning on a regular basis helps. While you may use all-purpose cleaners on the hard surfaces, it is recommended that you read through the instructions provided at the back of the cleaning solution and stop if you spot the first sign of damage- Better safe than sorry.